Victoria Adams Phipps

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Victoria Adams Phipps is a nonprofit executive who was pivotal in solidifying New Orleans’ status as a hub of entrepreneurial activity. She is the Executive Producer of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW),a weeklong festival celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking.

Victoria is directly responsible for the comprehensive strategy and execution of NOEW. Each year, she works with her team to plan and produce a dynamic calendar of interactive events that create impact and provide value for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals from across the Southeast. Through her work with organizations such as Google, Airbnb,, and Uber, she has effectively engaged over 50,000 event attendees, driving $4.3MM in funding and resources to local startup ventures. Her efforts have contributed to New Orleans being ranked #5 City Where Entrepreneurship is Booming by Entrepreneur Magazine and solidified Inc. Magazine’s declaration that New Orleans is the “Coolest Startup City in America.”